A Sketch of Cantagna
  by Cate Glass

Some readers asked if I could put up some maps of the Chimera world similar to those in the books, since ebooks don't do maps well. What I have available are some preliminary sketches we did here at home--so no pretty artwork. But they might be helpful.

City Sketch
Beggars Ring
1. Lizard's Alley
2. Romy's house
3. L’Scrittóre shop
4. Duck's Bone alehouse
5. The Pipes
6. Placidio's rooms
7. River Gate
8. Pillars Prison
9. the docks
10. the Mausoleum Tower
11. Avanci Bridge
12. Vinci Bridge
13. Dumond's house
14. Dumond's workshop
15. Leguiza Hospice
Asylum Ring
16. Limping Bull tavern
17. Old barracks training ground
18C. Coliseum
18M. Marble works
Market Ring
19.Temple of Atladu and Gione
20. Pillar of Hymonides
Merchant Ring
21. Cambio Gate
22. Piazza Cambio
23. Via Mortua
24. Garden House of il Padroné
25. Piazza Vasaio
the Dangling Stair
Barbers Row
26. Domata Ponds
27. Moon House
28. Ucelli Gardens
29. Baths
The Heights
30. Piazza Livello
31. Statue of Atladu and Leviathan
32. Palazzo Segnori
33. Gallanos Bank
34. Philosophic Academie
Villa Giusti
35. Palazzo Fermi
36. Piazza Ignazio
Cats Eyes
Tunnel entries
Outside the walls
38. the woolhouse

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