An Illusion of Thieves

"Political intrigue, deceit, and forbidden talents...with a Mission Impossible vibe. Starred review."
     - Booklist

"Glass creates a compellingly gritty world in the city-state of Cantagna, and Romy makes for an engagingly fierce and flawed heroine. Fantasy fans will enjoy this lively, twisty tale of intrigue, theft, and double-crosses."
     - Kirkus

"An Illusion of Thieves works its way up to a very tense and twisty caper indeed, one that plays fair with the reader and relies on what we’ve learned about the world – a world that feels broad and deep and believable – for the technicalities of the caper itself. Romy’s voice, as she narrates the events that will spell her life or death, is seriously compelling: details of survival and everyday life feel tense and real even before the caper swings fully into play."
     - Locus

"In a magic-rich world...Romy has a choice to make. Her [former lover] is forever beyond her, but his dreams, his goals, the life he envisaged for the citizens of Cantagna who were not born to wealth and privilege, are not — if she has the courage and the will to use the powers that she — and others —have been cursed with. Cantagna feels real on the page, and Romy’s knowledge of it makes it a strong a fantasy setting...this is the start of a series, and I would really, really like to see more of it. Without, you know, waiting..."
     - Magazine of Fantasy and Science Fiction

A Conjuring of Assassins

"The sequel to sword & sorcery fantasy author Cate Glass's novel "An Illusion of Thieves", "A Conjuring of Assassins" continues to showcase her originality and complete mastery of the genre. ...unreservedly recommended..."
     - Midwest Book Reviews

" action and complex plotting ..."
     - Booklist

"The strength of the novel lies in relationships between characters. That's where the magic happens. That said, I found the plot exciting and immersive...overall, a fun and strong sequel."
     - Fantasy Book Critic


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