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The Chimera

In the independencies of the Costa Drago, use of magic reaps a death sentence. But four sorcerers—a former courtesan, a professional duelist, an artist/metalsmith, and a youth whose tamest days are spent controlling drunkards in a tavern—find a purpose for their lives beyond simple survival. Calling themselves the Chimera, the four hire out their extraordinary talents to il Padroné — the Master — Cantagna's Shadow Lord, for missions of intrigue that ungifted spies would find impossible.

An Illusion of Thieves Tor/Forge ISBN #978-1250311009 (trade ppb) also ebook, audio;
2020 Colorado Book Award, Winner

A Conjuring of Assassins Tor/Forge ISBN #978-1250311023 (trade ppb) also ebook, audio;

A Summoning of Demons Tor/Forge ISBN #978-1250311054 (trade ppb) also ebook;


For books written under the name Carol Berg, see Carol's bibliography

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